Spray - Linen

Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) Spray - Linen is a high strength complex blend of essential oils formulated to create an eco-friendly standalone odour neutraliser that is safe to use around people, plants and pets. It is not simply a mask, it neutralises odour. This bottle sprays naturally without fluorocarbons or propellants of any kind. Spray whenever you require a clean, fresh scent to replace and neutralise unwanted odours.

The 200ml spray applicator is easy-to-use and fast acting with the unique neutralising formulation. Once used, the agent can stay in the atmosphere, offering protection from nasty odours for up to an hour (depending on strength and type of odour). Simply reapply when needed.


Always spray directly into the middle of the room. Regulate application to match the strength of odour.

Available in two other scents – Pro and Pacu – and all in 200ml bottles.


Can be used on waste bins, toilets, kitchen areas, store cupboards, cellars, caravans, motorhomes, boats, kennels, air conditioning and ventilation ducts.